Andrew Tengdin

Andrew is a Pre-Junior from Hanover, New Hampshire (the Granite state). He is majoring in mechanical engineering. Andrew also rows on the Drexel’s crew team. He loves leading a D-group with Cru and is thrilled to help people connect with the faith community at Drexel.

Email Andrew at ATengdin@gmail.com

Scott Natter

Scott is a pre-junior Computer Science major who is also studying Music Theory and Composition. He grew up in Willow Grove, PA and is currently living in Philadelphia on Drexel’s campus. Apart from helping to lead Cru’s ministry on Drexel’s campus, Scott is either drinking coffee, throwing a Frisbee around, or practicing the art of the dad-joke. He enjoys meeting all sorts of new people in the city that are different from himself, and having interesting spiritual conversations with them.
Email Scott at stn38@drexel.edu

Daniel Bolton

Daniel is a sophomore from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He is majoring in Architectural Engineering with a minor in Music Performance. He plays clarinet in the Drexel University Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra and is part of the Drexel Club Ultimate Frisbee team. He also loves spending time with his family and visiting national parks during the summer. You can contact him at drb354@drexel.edu.

Andy Norris

Andy Norris is a Junior from Gratz, Pennsylvania near Harrisburg. He is studying Architectural engineering and has a passion for music and sports. He plays the drums and guitar as well as being a huge Philly sports fan. Andy enjoys leading the worship team at cru and would love to get to know you. His email is apn39@drexel.edu

Lindsay Alshouse

Lindsay Alshouse

Lindsay is a sophomore and a proud native of Amish Country: Lancaster, PA. She is in the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design studying to be a fashion designer! When she’s not stuck in the sewing studio or leading with Cru, she enjoys cooking, playing lacrosse/tennis/intramural sports, and watching Sixers/Eagles/Phillies games. Lindsay is always down to explore Philly with you – contact her at lja45@drexel.edu.

Matt Lusk

Matt Lusk

Matt is a 6th-year Senior (yes, that’s a thing) from northern-central NJ (yes, that’s also a thing). He loves the built environment and is pursuing a degree in Architecture and a minor in Construction Management. The youngest of 7 kids, Matt is a family man all-around and loves to build those kinds of friendships in ministry as well. This year he is excited to be leading a Discipleship Group and helping lead the worship team on keys. Branch out to him at mjl372@drexel.edu

Shannon Wil

Shannon Wil

Shannon is a junior studying chemical engineering with a minor in nuclear engineering. She is so excited about the gospel and loves learning about God through her major and her relationships on campus. She is leading a discipleship group this year and with a heart for the lost, she is leading the evangelism and prayer movement at Drexel Cru. Shannon wants to hear everyone’s story and see the beauty of diversity that God has created in the world. She is always passionate about learning new things and engaging in deep conversations. Email Shannon at shw45@drexel.edu.


Camren Randleman

Camren is a 3rd year junior studying fashion design at Drexel’s Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. Even though Camren was raised in Philly she is constantly learning more and more about her city during her time at Drexel. She loves drawing, designing, painting, sketching, and anything else art-related. Her passion for worshipping God led her to join Drexel Cru’s worship team.  While co-leading a Cru bible-study this past summer Camren has grown in amazement at the Word of God. Her passion for the Truth and God’s people has her excited to lead a d-group sometime in the future. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, reach out! Her email is: crr73@drexel.edu

Drew Chapman

Drew is volunteer staff with Cru, who grew up in the Midwest, but has deep family ties to Philly and has been here since 2008. He lives in University City with his wife, Amanda, where he serves as pastor of college ministry and music at Covenant Community Church.
Drew loves spending time with people, talking about the Bible and God’s grace in our lives, playing all kinds of games, playing and creating music, wrestling with his dogs, and thoroughly enjoying Philly sports. drew@cccwestphilly.com

Danielle Wilson

Danielle Wilson

Danielle is a native of Pennsylvania and a 2014 graduate of West Chester University, PA. Alongside her co-leader, Danielle gives direction to the Philly Cru movement. During her time as a student at Coatesville High School, God developed in her a desire to see people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds unify as the body of Christ.  In her free time, Danielle enjoys eating good food, spending time with family and friends and creating music under the moniker Danni Peace.



Desmin Peifer

Desmin has served with Philly Cru since 2017. He hails from Lancaster and graduated from West Chester University with a degree in music education. He has enjoyed seeing God work in the city and students alike and is excited for what the future holds! Des is always up for playing music, adventuring, sports, deep conversations, board games, and anything involving food. Go Birds! desmin.peifer@cru.org